Who are we ?

Elisa Iannacci Demanou

Beyond Luxury Eco Travel Experiences is based in the city of lights : wonderful Paris.

What unites us is a passion for exploring the world, a clear dislike of poor customer service, and a strong desire to make luxury travel a bit more caring through our belief that treating local people and nature better and more consciounsly results in our customers having more amazing and unforgettable travel experiences.

Maximum Experience & Minimum Impact

Responsible travel is a winning deal: win for you, nature and local communities.

When we travel we take our holiday in somebody else’s home. Our holidays can impact their environments, cultures and economies. Treating local people and places with respect opens up possibilities for more conscious and authentic travel.

Travelling responsibly can’t of course fully compensate for the environmental impacts of flying, but it can benefit local people and give you a far more rewarding and enjoyable stay wherever you choose to go.